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Kansas City and Wichita Reunion 2016
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History of Hippolotofus Reunions/Conventions

May 5-7, 2000 The Hippollennium San Diego CA
October 12-14, 2001 2001 A Hippo Odyssey Orlando FL
October 19-21, 2002 Texas Hippo Stampede Houston/Austin/Hutto/San Antonio TX
October 5-7, 2003 Hippo-Baloo St. Louis MO
July 23-25, 2004 Seattle Hippo Safari Seattle WA
October 14-16, 2005 Hippopalooza Tampa FL
Sept 29 - Oct 1, 2006 Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Hippos Philadelphia PA
Sept 28-30, 2007 Hippos Aweigh San Diego CA
Sept 26-28, 2008 Hippos Mob Chicago Chicago IL
Sept 18-20, 2009 10th Year Hippo Splash Kansas City
Sept 10-12, 2010 Hippos Face-Off in Toronto Toronto
Oct 7-9, 2011 Holy Toledo--It's the Hippos! Toledo OH
Sept 14-16, 2012 Hippos with Altitude Denver CO
Oct 11-13, 2013 Branson Hippo Hoedown Branson MO
Sept 12-14, 2014 Put a Hippo On It Portland OR
Oct 17, 2015 Happy Hippos in Hutto Hutto TX
Sept 28 - Oct 2, 2016 We're Off To See The Hippos Kansas City & Wichita

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