Hippos with Altitude
Denver Colorado
September 14-16, 2012



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Updated Agenda (Aug 28 2012)


Thursday Sept 13
6pm--Meet in front of Sam's No. 3 Diner-downtown location. 15th & Curtis ph-303 534 1927 They do not take reservations, will just do their best to seat us together as much as they can.

Friday Sept 14
10:45am--Banjo Billy's bus tour (only for those who are on the list of 25 people (you can take food and liquor, NO beer kegs and no bongs:-)Please be careful not to mess up anything inside or outside the bus:-) Must be ready to board the bus by 11 AM Friday, in front of the hotel/Hilton Garden Inn. Please meet in lobby no later than 10:45am They will return to hotel at 1pm Gratuity was Not included with our $17 payments:-)

5pm--Friday night Meet & Greet. In the hotel's Ballroom, 5pm to 11pm (take 2 hippo game prizes to this) (eat before going) Cannot take any food or drink in or out -except little Russell-Shirley's Grandson:-)(or hide stuff:-):-) (and if I have cake left:-) Please come to me for t-shirts and hippo song cd's (for those on the lists) I will have some extra cd's. Also handing out cell phone lists if you need one. I will have some extra nametags you can have. (sheila/or John) Remember Cash to pay for any hippos, etc you want to purchase:-) I will also have your ZOO admittance tickets, don't let me forget to give them to you:-)!!!!!!!

Saturday Sept 15
9:15am--ZOO--(Wear your blue reunion t-shirt for group photos and bring cameras!!:-) Meet in hotel lobby at 9:15AM TO 9:30AM to figure out rides/carpooling. Zoo is only 2.5 miles from downtown. Might have to have some cars make 2 trips. 1 hr. animal showing, begins at 11am, food begins at noon, ends at 2pm. (all you can eat!! 11am to 3pm we will have the special rented room. Ade and Jacky, tell the food people right upfront that YOU want veggie burgers and how many. We cannot take any food or drink out of our room (or hide it:-)--and be sure Not to wear sticky nametags at the zoo/now allowed. Nothing that will come off and harm animals.--- Not everybody will stay at the zoo for the same timeframe. Be sure you have a ride BAck to the hotel or to the restaurant that night:-) Or call somebody to come back and get you from the cell phone list I'll also hand out Friday night. Many already have that list.

6:30pm--Saturday night if you can go!! Rock Bottom Brewery 6:30 PM 1001 16th, Unit A-100 Also downtown, by the 16th Street Mall area. (ph 303 534 7616) Close enough for most to walk to. Parking can be validated in the Independence Plaza Garage, directly Under the restaurant (after 3pm Mon-to Fri if you use this parking other times) But all day on Sat & Sun. We can order from the normal menu, but must pay Per table. They will seat us all in one section.

Hotel, Hilton Garden Inn, 1400 Welton Street ph 303 603 8000 downtown Denver
If you have any issues checking IN, please contact Austin Cooper 303 379 0906 or Anne Ransome (sales mgr I've worked with and is super nice) same main number or direct--303 379 0947 Other issues, call me, Sheila&John at John's cell 816 853 7839 first --or if unavailable, me at: 816 853 7932



Hotel Info

Hi all----just wanted to Forward the hotel info for booking your Denver reunion --again/reminder.  if you have ANY booking issue, please contact Austin Cooper at:  austin.cooper@hilton.com or call him at  303 379 0906  The room rate of $119 is suppose to work for 3 days prior and 3 days post the usual reunion dates.  2 queen beds OR 1 king (hopefully with a sofa also in the room with a king choice)  Way below are phone numbers, hippo group Code: HIPPR and so forth.   I have not seen these instructions on the Reunion 2012 link, so just want to forward this again--especially for any newbies, so hang on to this info if you plan to book the hotel now or later, many thanks!!!   The hotel only has about 211 rooms total, so please don't wait too long to book a room, and again, when you do, it would be great if you could let me know b/c or in group mail what dates you booked and bed type so I can ADD to our Block of rooms as needed.  Very excited!!! And thanks so much everybody!
 hh sheila

Your personalized group web page has been approved and has been published to the web.  Please let me know if you have any questions!
Your web page address is: Hippolotofus Reunion Reservations
Group Name: Hippolotofus Reunion 2012

Group Code: HIPPR

Check-in: 13-SEP-2012

Check-out: 16-SEP-2012

Hotel Name: Hilton Garden Inn Denver Downtown

Hotel Address: 1400 Welton Street
Denver, Colorado 80202

Phone Number:

303-379-0906 (reservations)

303-603-8000 (hotel general)





For those of you who will arrive early enough on Thursday, Sept. 13th, (and want to join us) we will be meeting at 6pm at Sam's No. 3 Restaurant/Diner/BAR too . Downtown, 15th & Curtis.  (www.samsno3.com) ph 303 534 1927 Food is: American, Mexican & Greek.  (huge menu) A funky older diner that was shown on the Food Networks--Diners, Drive-In's and Dives.  They do not take reservations, and are a busy place, so just suggested we try very hard to all get there at 6pm---and they will try to seat us very near each other as soon as they can:-)  They will be expecting us, so will do their best.
Also for our final Sat. evening together, (Sept 15 ---After the zoo that day)   whoever wants to join in, we'll be meeting at the Rock Bottom Brewery  at 6:30 PM  (also downtown where the 16th St. Mall area is) 1001 16th St. (Unit A-100)
ph: 303 534 7616   www.rockbottom.com/denver-downtown They are a brewery--2 bar areas, plus a decent food menu---should be FUN:-)
Parking can be validated in the Independence Plaza Garage, directly under the restaurant----after 3pm M-F-, but All day on Saturday and Sunday.
Hope everybody joins in!
 hh sheila



Notice on Payment Deadlines:

The deadline for Tee payments is July 6.
The deadline for other payments is August 17.

In addition to any Tees you wish to purchase, at this time there are two other payments:

Sat Zoo luncheon--$45.00 per person regardless of age. This includes all you can eat picnic meal, an indoor room/heated/cooled, private 1-hr animal showing, AND ZOO admittance!!-

Friday night Meet & Greet--$19.00 per person regardless of age
Both of these other payments are due no later than August 17th, Friday.

Banjo Billy's Funky Bus Tour -- $17 a person, Friday 11am - 1pm



Hello fellow reunion attendees!
We will be having two games this year.
If you want to participate in the first game - you will need 1 hippo gift. It needs to be valued at $20 or more.  Prizes remain wrapped until the very end.
If you want to play the second game - you need 1 hippo gift valued at $30 or more.  It is the traditional game we have played many times (with a slight twist) where you may steal an others prize by trading yours for theirs.  The final name drawn will get the pick of any hippo they want from those participating. 
Things to remember:
All Hippo-theme Gifts should be new - no white rhino rejects or plushies allowed. Exceptions would include antiques or pottery that is collectible, duplicates you own that others would appreciate like hippo jewelry, hippo cookie jars, hippo statues, hand made hippo items. Please try to find one gift that is at least the minimum in stead of say 2 or 3 $10 items bundled together.   Any questions - E-mail me B/C.
Gifts need to be wrapped.  Gift bags and tissue are easy. If you want to be economical you can use the newspaper, lunch bags or toilet tissue from the hotel. We just need the hippos covered to add mystery and intrigue.   Hippo gift wrap, hippo gift bags or hippo accents encouraged.
Please include your name somewhere in/on the gifts. Everyone likes to know who brought what Hippo. 
Everyone is invited to play - no exclusions. We are one big Hippo family.  If you've got the hippo gifts then you can play any or all the games. You do not have to play at all if you do not wish. 
Remember, any questions - E-mail me Back Channel (B/C).
Let the Hippo games gift buying begin!

Zoo Day Update

I have pretty much finalized enough with the Denver Zoo for the Sept 15th special luncheon from 11am to 3pm in our "rented" room, with lunch and a "free to you all" special 1 hour showing of 4 animals. I will be charging $45.00 per person (regardless of age) to split the cost of most of it---the remaining will be taken care of by little Tillie and John. Payments will again be made to Stuart (group moderator) and your deadline to pay him will be August 17th, Friday. (Stuart will post this soon and you can make payments at any time and he will give all the details you need to pay him) This includes All you can eat lunch, which is a Picnic of burgers, hot dogs, cole slaw, baked beans, devilled eggs, cookies, sodas and waters and iced tea, all condiments , tomatoes, cheese, etc and I have added as a gift from Tillie an ice cream station!!! (I also am treating you with the devilled eggs!!) I just wanted them myself actually:-) LOL Good that this is all you can eat. For anybody who is a vegetarian, speak up to the grilling person and they will provide you with a veggie burger--however many and I will remind them ahead of time. Also for gluten free issues, they have gluten free buns, so let me know in advance who needs the special buns and veggie burgers:-) This covers the special ROOM we will have from 11am to 3pm--air-conditioned and heated. Chairs, tables, tablecloths and so forth. Also fortunately it Includes all of our ZOO Admittance and they will send ME the zoo passes (to my home) in advance, so we can all meet up initially and get in easily!! I've already paid 50% deposits on the food and room. Can't wait to see what 4 animals they will do a demonstration of!!! (we are not allowed to choose) This should be SO much fun---so don't eat a big big breakfast:-)


Friday Night Meet & Greet


For the Friday night Meet & Greet at the hotel--we get two sections of their ballroom. I am also covering part of this, but am asking payments of $19.00 per person to be paid to Stuart --also by Aug. 17th, Friday. This is for the meeting room, and chipping in on a bit of food. I am again providing two 1/2 sheet cakes with a hippo reunion theme from a downtown Denver bakery, but I realize some people with cake issues cannot or will not eat it:-) Gluten issue, diabetes, or just being healthy-wise:-) SOOO, I am tossing in 2 trays of food---just something for some of you to nibble on if you'd like. Not a meal. Just a veggie and dips tray made up for 25 people and a cheese/cracker tray just made up for 25 people. Most of you will have eaten before you arrive at the 5pm to 11pm Meet & Greet hopefully:-) I'm also getting beverages---sodas/mixed, including diet, and uncarbonated bottles of water. We cannot take in to the room ANY foods or liquids (it is a law), but we also cannot take Out of the room any food remaining or beverages .(except of my cakes if leftover) They were concerned about people taking beverages out of the room and not consuming in the room, so they decided to begin with a certain amount. :-) Adding more as needed. These are charged Per consumption they said.:-) Beverages are $4.00 per bottle or can---plus on top of everything they add tax and service charges, so it all adds up, even for very little:-) Just wanted to explain more of the details--mostly for newbies and how things work:-)


Pewter Piece

Once again, Designs By Ricker will have a custom designed hippo for our Denver Reunion. Below are some wax mockups. Here is the ordering info:




We are honored to be producing again this year the 2012 pewter sculpture "HIPPOS WITH ALTITUDE" representing your annual event in Denver, Colorado.

These adorable hippos can be purchased either with or without a walnut base.

Hippo with a base is $70.00 plus s/h
Hippo without a base is $60.00 plus s/h

 Two ways to order:

1)  Call Sherri at Designs by Ricker  1-800-373-9837

2)  Send a check - payable to Designs by Ricker, 6868 N. Franklin Ave., Loveland, CO  80538 (call for shipping charge)


I will send you a receipt in the mail when I receive your order. 

Please call or email me if you have any questions.

 Thank you!

Sherri Scott




Last Minute Reminders


We know we have the room at the zoo beginning 11am. Animal demo begins then, for one hour, then we begin eating at noon.
But, we won't know till very late probably if we get a private zookeeper talk with a hippo. They've promised we will get to see one of the male hippos, but not both at once. Both are males. They are still doing construction on the Inside the hippo area, and hope to finish in Sept, but don't know When in Sept. But we Will still see one of the fellers in the outside area. They are hoping the area is completed for our visit, but no one will know just yet. SOOO, hmmm we just won't know exactly what time we need to get to the zoo yet. We'll know in plenty of time---so we can meet first for the group photo -:-) I've mentioned this before---the zoo is sending me the zoo admittance ticket for each of us going to the luncheon--in the mail----and I think wrist bands as well. I will have those at the Friday night Meet & Greet, so be sure to come up to me--or John--and get them if you are attending the luncheon:-)

Also, if you are wanting a free Hippo songs CD, I will have those at the Friday night Meet & Greet too. If you are a newbie, you WILL want one--they're awesome:-) I have a small list of those who wanted them, but please come to me and let me know who you are:-)

Hope any newbie plays the hippo games and brings those hippo pressies---be sure to read the link on that again---it's a blast:-)
(David Soto will be handling the games portion on Friday night):-)

Please be sure to Eat dinner before coming to the Friday night meet & greet:-) Can't bring anything IN to the room---or out/nada (except for Shirley/Darci/Russell--- stuff for little Russell all approved:-)
(same at the zoo luncheon--nothing going In, nothing going out) (or hide it:-)

Remember your nametags:-) No sticky kind at the zoo though--only ones hanging around the neck (lanyards) or pinned on or something--just not sticky.

Sorry, just trying to remind everybody again as I know some don't keep up:-) And I'm going to be crazy busy very soon now:-)

See whoever can go to the Sam's No. 3 Diner Thursday evening at 6pm. We'll all meet just outside the diner.:-) Most will be wearing hippo tees.
Oh, and again for newbies. the official t-shirt/blue one by Jen, is for ZOO day/Saturday:-)
Sat night---whoever can, meeting at Rock Bottom Brewery downtown at 6pm

Just little reminders, but please reread the website at the bottom of each group mail for all details.
I know some of you have printed out lots of info already.

Anybody else have any suggestions or info---feel free to help:-) :-)
hh sheila






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