Hippolotofus Reunion 2016

Kansas City & Wichita

Sept 29 - Oct 2


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updated as of...Saturday, August 27, 2016



If it says "+ shipping" next to your tee, it will be shipped.

If it does NOT say this, your tee will be available at the Reunion.


Name Official Reunion Tee Friday Night M&G
Click here for pricing $29/person
Tee Deadline
Aug 12
M&G Deadline
Aug 12
Barbie Adams 2-L 2
Joy Buckley 1-S 1
Claire Snuggie Carlson   2
Millie Carrillo 1-XL 1
Terri Carter 1-3X 1
Josetta Caudill 1-3X 1
Cheri Cline 1-M 1
Sylvie Cocagne 1-M 1
Richard Cohen 1-2X 1
Sandee Crowther 1-L 1
Carol DiRienzo (Linda Tague) 1-L + shipping  
Boo DuBois 1-XL 1
Stuart Feldman 1-XL 1
Debo Grove 1-XL 1
Jackie Hastings 1-3X 1
Jessica Hayes 1-2X + shipping  
Lien Heikens 1-S 1
Bonnie "Lost a Few 'Pos" Hewett 1-M, 1-L 2
Staci Lee 1-M, 1-L + shipping  
Sue "Wiz" Lindh 1-3X + shipping  
Dana Lusher 2-2X 2
Margaret McCormack 1-XL 1
Sarah Miller 1-S, 1-L  
James "Lost in America" Paw 1- L 1
Shirley Poddany 1-M + shipping no
Adelaide Prentice 1-XL 1
David Robert 1-M 2
Jen Robinson 1-XL 1
Gail Stewart Rumsey 1-XL + shipping  
Karen Schmale 1-5X + shipping no
Sue Shefman 1-L 1
Patti Soliman 1-XL 2
David Soto 1-XL, 1-3X 1
Chris Terrell 1-M, 1-L, 1-XL, 2-2X 3

Dianne Teson

1-XL + shipping  
Ramon Valencia 2-2X 1
Sheila Voeller 1-S, 2-M, 2-XL, 1-5X,1-6X 4
Tricia Webster 1-XL 1