Hippolotofus Reunion 2016

Kansas City & Wichita

Sept 29 - Oct 2


Order your 2016 Hippo Reunion T-shirts Now!

Deadline:  Aug 12 2016 NO EXCEPTIONS

Please note you do NOT  have to be attending the Reunion to order a t-shirt.

Tee Orders are Closed
See You in KC/Wichita!


Printed on a black Tee

Any unauthorized use of the t-shirt design is strictly prohibited.
© Adelaide Prentice 2016


We will only print these t-shirts once--on a group order basis. 
The shirts will not be available for sale at a later date.

Price for Tees (excludes shipping -- see below for postage)
Size Official Reunion Tee, short sleeve only
Youth: XS (2-4), S (6-8), M (10-12), L (14-16) $19
Size S, M, L, XL $19
Size 2X thru 5X $22
Size 6X $24


Note: Anyone attending the reunion can pick their tee up from Patti when they get to KC, no need to pay for postage!
Shipping/Postage (2016 postage rates changed, per USPS)
  shipping within USA
1 shirt (any size) add $7.50
2 shirts, both must be XL or smaller add $10 (total, not per shirt)
2 shirts, if either is 2X or larger add $12 (total, not per shirt)
3 - 5 shirts add $14 (total, not per shirt)
6 or more email Patti for postage pricing
Outside the US email Patti for postage pricing



Ordering and Payment Information
(payments for other Reunion events can also be made as per below)







Payment by PayPal

If you do not have PayPal, please send your payment to (and make payable to)



 Please note that if you use PayPal by clicking this link, the page that comes up may ask for Credit Card info. If you *do* have an existing PayPal account, make sure and click the "Already have a PayPal Account" button.




Stuart Feldman
PO Box 445
Houston TX 77001

Include the details of your order:
size, quantity, where to ship, etc.

Hippo decorated envelopes
have highest priority!




If you use PayPal, you MUST add additional funds to cover the PayPal fees:

1.    Add additional funds to cover the fees charged by PayPal.  Either calculate those fees yourself by going to  http://www.rememberingrolbe.com/paypal.htm and using the “Reverse PayPal Fee Calculator.”  (see below)  Enter the total amount of your order (t-shirts plus shipping) in the first box next to “To receive this amount (after fees):” and it will automatically calculate the amount to send Stuart in the box next to “A person would have to send you:”  In the example below, if your order totaled $25.00, you would need to send Stuart a PayPal in the amount of $26.06.  

Reverse PayPal Fee Calculator

To receive this amount (after fees):



A person would have to send you:



2.    Add the details of your order (size, quantity, etc) in the "Notes/Special Instructions" area of the PayPal order form.














Please note: Your payment MUST be received by the payment/order deadline, Aug 12, 2016.
No exceptions.

Absolutely no late payments or orders will be accepted.









To check the status of your payment, and confirm the correct ordering information click here








Please remember that we are printing these shirts on a group-order basis.
Therefore, late orders cannot be accepted by the printers. You are strongly encouraged to *Order and Pay Now* for your shirt(s).

Thank you,
The T-shirt Committee