For the best collection of Hippo Links, visit Ramon Valencia's Link Page at HippoWorld. It is the most extensive list imaginable, and he keeps it current. We keep a few odd and special links listed here. If a member has a home page (whether hippo related or not), it will be linked from the private "member's listing", rather than here.

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Hippo CD Lyrics

Ramon's Collection of Hippo Links (from HippoPage/HippoWorld)

Dees Hippo World (added June 2006)
On Deesís Hippo world hippo website, you will find hippo cartoons, hippo news, hippo poems, hippo jokes, hippo riddles, hippo games, free hippo clipart, hippo pictures, hippopotamus facts and more.

Turgwe Hiipo Trust (home page)

Hippo World (Ramon's site)

George Washington University (in Wash D.C.) Hippo Mascot
Press Release            General Info

US Post Office instructions on "How to Pack a Hippo" 

How to Look After Your Hippopotamus 

IUCN/SSC Hippo Specialist SubGroup  
promotes scientifically-based action for the
conservation of hippos. Works to develop
and execute programs that study, save, restore 
and manage hippo populations and their habitats.

Hippo House in Milford, Michigan

Hip-O Records

Capture & Care of (wild) African Hippos 

The French Restaurant & Grill "Hippopotamus"

Hippo Cams

[ed: Please note--at the time these HippoCam links were posted, they were working. However, WebCams are well-known for going in & out of action. Please directly notify the source (not me!) if the Cam is out of action.]

Toledo Zoo Hippoquarium Cam

National Zoo Nile Hippo Cam

Discovery Channel Online --  Hippo Cam



St. Louis Hulla-Baloo Pics







more from Jennie (at Grant's Farm)

more Jennie (added Oct 22)

Hippo Annie (Carol)

Patti - more Balooo stuff (added Oct 17)

Becca (added Oct 17)

Becca - more (added Oct 17)

Holly - 3 groups (added Oct 17)

more Sandy - added Oct 18

Lynn Hippoloverus - added Oct 27 (both albums)

Shirley's pics (thx to Jennie!) - added Nov 2


Jennie - 2001 Orlando Reunion (added Oct 27)


Sandi Sunday Seattle (added Nov 6)


Seattle Hippo Safari
Pics, pics and more pics!

Sandi - added August 2, 2004

Boo - added August 3, 2004

Ramon - added August 9, 2004