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I got to San Diego on Thursday. Had dinner with some other earlybirds--John & Sheila, Raul & Claudia, Ramon. At breakfast Friday morning, we met Bob Lehto. The 7 of us went to Olde Town, to do some early hippo shopping. Olde Town is the oldest part of San Diego, and has been restored into a tourist area (shopping, restaurants). We happened to go on May 5--Cinco de Mayo.

Sheila, John, Ramon, Claudia, Raul, Bob, Stuart

By Friday afternoon, we were starting to arrive in numbers. Here are some of us in Cathy's suite. One of the events we had organized was the "ugly hippo" swap meet. I know, some people think there is no such thing as an ugly hippo. Nonetheless, I brought 5 of my "less loved" ones, and so did lots of others. Our hotel was well chosen; one entire wall of Cathy's suite was shelves; just the place to show off our "trade bait."

Adelaide, Sue, theresa, Lee Ann, Bob, Claudia, Raul


Showing off our 'po tats

(Cathy & Lee Ann, I think)

close up of the hippo swap meet shelves
Ramon's hippo cake!

He also made some hippo cookies.

The San Diego Zoo Hippo t-shirt.

Front & Back.

modeled by
Paddy, Cathy, Lee Ann