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What is The Hippolotofus?
We are a fun loving group of hippo lovers & collectors from around the world. We meet in a mailing list, online at YahooGroups, and have over 1100 members (as of January 2011).  We came together because of our common interest in hippos. As we have grown, our activities have expanded to include an annual Reunion/Convention, numerous regional get-togethers, the Hippo Holiday Exchange, hippo projects (such as T-shirts) and more.

Who are The Hippolotofus?
There are over 1100 of us. We range in age from 5 to 95. We live in all parts of the globe, and speak many languages. You must speak some English to participate in our list, but English is not the native language for many of our members. Some have been collecting for years, and have thousands of hippos. Others may have just started, and only have a few. We are legal assistants, work-at-home moms, business people, students, retired people, engineers...we are hippo lovers!

How do I join The Hippolotofus?
Basically, when you join the mailing list, you have become a member of The Hippolotofus. There is no charge to join the mailing list and The Hippolotofus.

How do I join the Hippos Mailing List?
To become a member of the list, you will have to set up a Yahoo ID (if you've never done that before), but it's free. To join the list:

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How do I get more info?
We have a full set of FAQs--Frequently Asked Questions. They should answer most any question you have. After reading them, if you still have any questions, please email us.

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